Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get going!

What are you doing this week

to make yourself healthier?

Are you making good choices?

Did you get your exercise?

Yesterday was Labor Day.  I was in the gym, were you?  25 people came in to workout in the water with me, and several people made the effort to train, even though it was a holiday.  Nice!  Well done!  What are you planning to do this week to improve your quality of life?  Here's what I propose:  make a plan, and stick with it.  Super duper easy, right?!  Write it down, folks.  Make that indelible mark on your calendar.  It's a weird week, what with Labor Day and (gasp!) Rosh HaShana already, but you can still do it.  You can get that exercise in.  Here's a sample:
Tuesday:  Walk outside, 30 minutes
Wednesday:  30 minute workout in gym (use machines to make it simple if you need to!)
Thursday:  Walk outside, 30 minutes
Friday:  30 minute workout in gym
Saturday:  pick a fun class to attend (I'm teaching Saturday strength this week at 8am), or even Zumba?
Sunday:  bike ride outside, 30-45 minutes
Totally achievable, and obviously, you can adjust to meet your needs.  It's still light fairly late, so you can get a walk in outside, even if you are a work-outside-the-home kind of a guy or gal.  Just make it happen. Today.