Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fast Food

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Last year in health class, my daughter's health teacher was talking about fast food. I remember Sam saying the teacher really loved fast food, and said "we all want to eat it" but that we should "minimize" our intake. The discussion also included the kids listing the fast food places that they eat. Sam had none on her list. In fact, she didn't recognize any of the restaurant names except McDonald's and Burger King--ok, and Dairy Queen, because we occasionally get soft serve.

The teacher asked why she didn't have any on her list, and she replied "My mother doesn't believe in fast food. We almost never eat it, and then it's only with my Dad." When the teacher didn't believe her, she stated "My mom's a personal trainer." Like that explains it all. Well, it explains a bit, but see the following articles for a couple of reasons why you should steer clear of fast food.

Taco Bell Sued Over Meat That's Just 35 Percent Beef

And if that's not enough, check this out:


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