Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you Ready for the Summer?

Are you ready to wear your swimsuit this summer?  Oh yeah, and spring break is right around the corner!  Have you shed those extra holiday pounds?    Maybe you’ve been holding on to extra pounds for years.  It’s time to get serious about getting in shape.   Let’s light a fire in your metabolism to help you shed what you don’t need.

Many people think that strength training will bulk them up, but it’s actually the secret to burning more calories and losing weight faster.  Muscle speeds up your metabolism because it’s active tissue.  It requires more calories just to exist.  So when you build some lean muscle, you are helping to build your metabolism as well.  And the best news?  Muscle burns more calories, even when you are at rest.  When you lose weight without doing any strength training, you’re likely to be losing that crucial muscle, along with the fat.  In the end, you slow your metabolism even more.

That brings us to the next item on the agenda:  your diet.  What are you eating?  I’ll bet you’re eating white bread, muffins, an occasional cookie…maybe a sandwich? Maybe you’re off to McDonald’s on those nights when you don’t have a lot of time? So much of the infamous American diet is calorie laden and sugary, and in some instances, not really food at all.   In the words of Michael Pollen:  1- What should I eat? (Eat food) 2 - What kind of food should I eat? (Mostly plants) and 3 - How should I eat? (Not too much).  Simplify your diet by getting rid of what you don’t need—processed food and sugary treats.  And fill your diet with what you do need—fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and fresh water.

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