Friday, March 2, 2012

Are you discouraged?

I know I am.  This winter stuff does go on and on...and our vitamin D levels are low.  Check with your doctor if you are feeling down in the dumps, getting sick really often, or low on energy.  It could be as simple as vitamin D levels, or maybe you need to rev up your exercise.

Here's a new exercise to try, if you need something to get your mind off the grey day...

Come to me and ask for a demo...although I am going to try to do a video demo of this exercise:
1.  tie a band on something solid, about waist height.
2.  Stand with the band to your left side, and hold it in your left hand so that there is tension on the band.
3. Lift your opposite knee up, and bring the hand with the band, in to touch the opposite knee.  Do 5, and repeat on the other side.

Stay positive and proactive!

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