Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cobra Pose...for lower back strengthening

This pose is fantastic, if done correctly.  Hold feet together tightly, and keep them on the floor.  Place the hands below the shoulders, and lift, using mostly your back strength.  Start with a hold of 5 seconds, and progress to 10 seconds.  Please note, this is NOT a press up.  A press up utilizes the arm strength, to push the back into position.  This is utilizing the back extensors to do the majority of the work, and the arms are only there for support.  Opinions differ on the neck position.  In Bikram, and other strict yoga classes, the chin lifts, and you look purposely up to the ceiling.  Some prefer to keep the head in alignment with the spine.  I feel that it can be beneficial for your mid to low back either way, and you can add the chin lifting if you have no contraindications.

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