Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

Happy  New Year!  Have you made your resolutions yet?  What about your fitness related goals?  The time has come to truly consider what your are doing, and how you might improve your overall health through exercise, as exercise is truly medicine.  We all know now (or we should) all the research proving that exercise reduces hypertension, can eradicate diabetes in some, and reduce the need for meds in others, lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke, and gives you not only a better outlook, but a better quality of life.

Now is your chance to tap into all of those positive effects, by examining your current exercise program, and adjusting the time, frequency, and intensity to better your body.  If you need help, I have a slew of classes and small group trainings to offer you, as well as my services one-on-one.  Think about making a list that delineates the negatives you see in your life, and what positive things you can do to achieve a more positive outcome.  Whether you've been considering a dietary change, or an exercise adjustment, remember that consistency and commitment are your friends when making such a change.  Just do it.  

To start logging your food:
This week for exercise:
Wednesday, 9am, small group training (drop in $24) Elite River Glen
Friday, 6:10 am, muscle mix (free) Elite River Glen
Saturday, 11:30 am, small group training (drop in $24) Elite River Glen

Embrace the day, and the season!  Try something new, or do something you love, today.

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