Monday, April 28, 2014

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Not an exciting concept, nor is it new.

This doesn't change the fact that it's true.  The finish line moves forward, as you move forward.

Each new program creates a new challenge, and it should.  It may sound tired, but the truth is, you have to continually find new challenges and goals to keep yourself moving forward.  More than 8 weeks with the same exercises or weight selection is a recipe for stagnation.

With that in mind, let's examine how we can think outside the box a bit, and keep you moving forward!

1.  Create new goals for each 6-8 week time period
     a.  Add in new exercises
     b.  Change up your strategy:  heavier weights/less reps, or lighter weights with more reps.
     c.  Add a new class, switch up the type of class to keep it interesting for you and your body.
     d.  Give yourself something to work toward--a 5k run or walk, a bike ride for charity, a mud run.  This will give you a goal to work toward.
     e.  Ask for assignments--a personal trainer can help set up a program for you and you can run with it for the 6-8 weeks...then they'll change it up at the appropriate time.  I do this with a couple of clients...for my regular weekly folks, I automatically do different exercises as time goes on--I feel like the program morphs--as I note changes in strength and endurance, I automatically adapt to make it more challenging.
Obviously, this is a challenging workout for most of us.  But for those who look at this and see impossibility, I challenge you to try it with modifications!  A 10 minute run can be a walk at a brisk pace, jumping jacks can be a 1/2 jack alternative, and weighted crunches can be just crunches.  So try this out, with or without modifications, and see how far you get!
This seated side stretch is used in Yoga, Pilates, and many fitness classes, with small adaptations.  It stretches your hamstring, your inner and outer obliques, and your latissimus Dorsi muscles in your back.  Tuck one foot in to your inner thigh, while extending the other leg out straight, with the foot flexed.  Now reach toward that foot--you may not reach as pictured, but then reach for the calf or ankle instead.  Reach up and over with the other arm, as shown.  Repeat on the other side, holding about 20-30 seconds.
Breakfast is the meal of champions!  What should you have for breakfast?  A meal with plenty of fresh fruit, some protein, and a bit of energy (carbs) will be a good start to your day.  Below, I've listed some good breakfast options for you:
*Nature valley granola bar + banana=290 calories
*1 piece whole grain toast+ 1 TBSP peanut butter+fruit (can vary depending on your fruit option/1 cup berries or whole fruit like nectarine or apple or similar)=280 calories
*1 egg, 1 piece whole grain toast, 1 piece of fruit=210 calories
*Oatmeal (heart healthly portion is 3/4 cup dry)+ 1 cup berries (YUM!!) 194 calories
*Lowfat cottage cheese (1 cup of 1%) + 1 cup berries  247 calories

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