Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Positive in, Negative OUT!

Today, I was working with a client...tough situation emotionally!  She has a guy who's been stringing her along for awhile, and it just seems like he enjoys hurting her feelings.

Your journey may include people like this, whether they are negative about your weight loss or your struggles to improve your life.  Maybe they try to take you down a notch on a regular basis with biting comments or jaded put-downs.

I had my own experience with that several years ago from my husband (we're still married!).  Comments about my weight loss and how it was not the best thing because clearly I was going to become some seedy mistress or that somehow it would make me less attractive to the masses, when in fact, it was making me healthier, happier, and better in many ways.

People will tend to panic when you are changing yourself, even for the better.  This happens for a bunch of reasons.  Maybe they see you moving ahead and they're getting left behind.  Maybe they're jealous, but unwilling to make a positive change for themselves.  Whatever the case, they are not helping you.  Their comments and digs hurt.  They can make you waver in your resolve.  Do not let this happen.

You are in charge of YOU.  You make the decisions for yourself:  for your actions and your emotions and your reactions.  You can't control those other people, but you can control yourself.  Make the choice that's in your best interest.  Focus on the positive, and get the negative out of your life.  It doesn't mean you have to divorce the husband, or the offending sister, or the friend, although sometimes that is what's best.  It does mean you need to take responsibility for controlling what you do, and not allow others to wreak emotional havoc with you.

You deserve better.


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