Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back pain and appropriate exercises

Below are several exercises that are crucial for those suffering from low back/back pain.  Often, low back issues are caused or exacerbated by hamstrings (the back of the thigh) that are too tight.

1.  Hamstring stretches are an important part of any low back conditioning program. 
2.  Cat and camel--sink back down and inhale, then exhale and round back like a cat.
3.  Pelvic tilt--you are only focused on the pelvis.  Push your back down into the floor by tilting your pelvis forward-exhale...then lift back to neutral spine.
4.  Partial curl/crunch-be sure not to pull on head or neck.  Lift shoulder blades off of the floor, exhale, Inhale and release.
5.  Prone hip extension--begin with lifting one leg, and you can progress to lifting both legs.  For this version, turn toes slightly out, lift leg, and lower.  Repeat on the other side.

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