Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This week...kettlebell exercise...goals.

Below, I have shown a picture of one of my favorite kettle bell exercises, the windmill.  Starting from a standing position, with your hand holding the kettle bell overhead, you tip sideways, and stand back up, keeping your core strong.  An excellent exercise for the waistline.

And regarding goals and completion thereof:  if you have done well with your goals for the month of November, I know who you are, and I will enter you into the drawing for this month.  My independent picker will be picking this evening, and I will announce prizes and names shortly. 
For December:  again, we need to get through the holidays without putting on the average 12 pounds.  In order to do that, let's create goal for ourselves that help to keep us under limiting goodies to one serving, or one time a week, and making sure to carve out time for exercise!!  In order to continue to maintain your current weight, you need to work off what your put in.
Looking forward, I will be studying for the MES certification:  Medical Exercise Specialist.  Very exciting, but a lot of work!  This further qualifies me to work with special populations like Fibromyalgia, stroke, and post rehab

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