Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stick with it!

This weeks' theme:  Stick with it!
Excellent:  You've decided to start a diet and exercise program, or you've recommitted to yourself and your fitness and diet routine.  Don't sabotage yourself by picking something that won't work for you!  Diet and exercise programs work best when they are tailored to the individual, like well-fitted clothing.
So don't start a low carb plan if you really can't see yourself giving up fruits and bread while chowing down on meat and cheese.  And don't start a boot camp if you're really more of a yoga person.  Trying to match your personality to your workout and food plan will help you to stick with it.  And sticking with it will give you the longevity needed to succeed in your endeavors.  Because any plan will work, if you stick with it, right?

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