Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Success and Change

If I could share just one thing with you that I feel is crucial to your improvement, both physically and mentally, it would be introspection.  You need to reach deep down inside, and find out what you truly want.  Where do you want to be in 4 weeks, 12 weeks, or even a year down the road?  What changes do you want to make for yourself?  What quality of life do you want?  Is it better or worse than what you have based on your current trajectory?

Once you've looked inside, you need to make a decision.  How badly do I want what I envision for myself, and what am I willing to do to get there?  Am I being honest with myself about the choices I'm making?  Am I truly willing to make the changes necessary to get where I want to go? 

Even at this point, you might say to yourself "yes, I'm willing to do this."  and still not truly have committed inside.  As a trainer, I see this all of the time.  People shave time by arriving late (it's ok by me, but it cheats you), or leaving early, or cancelling because they don't really feel like exercising (I know, I get it, believe me!).  Or what about going out to eat and giving yourself a pass (and you may even know in your heart it's more than occasionally).  It's hard to do the things necessary to make physical changes.  It's easier to avoid them if at all possible.  It's easier to give in. 

This is why the true decision is the most important part.  What do I want to accomplish?  Am I truly willing to do what's necessary to get there?  What's holding me back (if anything?).  You don't need to tell me, you need to have the dialogue with yourself.  How important is this?  Is it just superficial, or have you watched family members be unhealthy and suffer as a result? 

Once the important introspection is done, then and only then can you move on into being truly successful, whether it's with your diet, your exercise, or your life.

To be continued...

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