Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Side Plank!

Hi there! This week, I thought I would remind you of a classic core exercise that works like gangbusters on your whole body, but particularly your obliques and tranversus abdominus.  As shown, come up onto your forearm, lifting from your core, pushing up through the waistline.  Keep breathing.  Hold, for anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute depending on your level.  Variations include putting the bottom knee on the floor to make it easier, or lifting the top leg up (abduction) to make it harder.


Saturday, 9:30 am

Join me for fun on Monday (6am), Wednesday and Friday mornings (6:10 am), for my weight lifting classes at Le Club (free), or Monday and Wednesday evenings (5:30pm) for TRX at Le Club (nominal fee).  Tuesday evenings, I teach my own version of Body Pump called Muscle Revolution--come and try it!

Have a great day!  Melissa

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