Friday, June 1, 2012

Class Escapades

Have you ever been in a highly formatted group exercise class like Body Pump?  You know how the instructor has to explain what you are going to do for the next song, which body part you will be working, and what equipment you will need?  I teach just such a class, but have a small problem:  two ladies that stand directly in front talk constantly.  Now I generally don't mind a little discussion; after all, you're there for exercise and for fun. But this was definitely getting distracting for some.  Last week, one of the ladies in the class had had enough.  She announced in the middle of the class, while the music was off "I cannot hear anything! You never stop talking!  Shut up!".  Well, you could have heard a pin drop!  So I asked if everything was all right, and she explained again, that they are right in front of her, so she can't hear the instructions.  I repeated them, and we continued on with class.  The following week, neither the talkers nor the annoyed woman were in class.  Hopefully, they will return soon.  Thinking back, I have done similar things in classes that I've taken.  I know I will think twice about talking during a class I'm attending in the future:)

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