Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fast and Furious--getting it done!

Upcoming openings: 
Wednesday, 6/27, at 8am
Friday, 6/29, at 8am

Continuing fun!  Monday night TRX Blast, 5:30-6pm, fast and furious--get it in and get done!

Monday at 11am, Muscle Revolution
Wednesday and Friday 6:10 am, Muscle Mix
Tuesday at 6pm, Muscle Revolution

Want to try a great form of self defense?  I will be teaching Kavanah for Dr. Neil Farber this Tuesday at 7pm, and next Tuesday, at 7pm, at the JCC.  Nominal Drop in fee applies, class in 75 minutes.

Hello there!!  I hope you are enjoying our beautiful hot weather!  If you are anything like me, you want to get in the necessary exercise, and get done and enjoy your summer.  Get outside and walk with the kids, the dog, or your significant other.  We all know that muscle conditioning is crucial to keeping yourself in great shape, maintaining strong bones and a healthy metabolism.  How do you make yourself work out, and still have enough time to enjoy this beautiful weather?  I have two ideas today:  a well designed program (funny, I do that for a living!), or a TRX Blast class! 

Ok, the other classes I teach are also fun and fantastic, but they are 50-60 minutes.  If you can't spend that amount of time, then having a program designed for you is definitely a great option, because I can make it work for YOU.  Be it cards that you put next to your T.V. for during commercials, or a 30 minute concise workout in the gym, training doesn't have to be about coming in all the time to see the trainer.  It can also be about making what you do in the gym really count.

TRX blast classes are appropriate for almost everyone.  I can give modifications to any exercise, and you can work at your own level.  But if you want to be kicked in the seat of the pants, this fast and furious workout will get it all done in 1/2 hour.  What could be better after a hard day at work, than coming in, and getting your strengthening in for 1/2 hour, then you are on your way for dinner with the family by 6pm!

Let's make fitness work for you!
In Health,

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