Monday, November 26, 2012

Parking lot safety, self defense tips!

I'm currently beginning to teach Women's Self Defense classes, and so have done a great deal of research lately regarding general safety.  If you think about self defense as beginning with your planning, then you have a much more holistic approach to your personal safety plan.

1.  Pull your shoulders back, walk upright, scan the area.
2.  Always peek in the back seat before getting into your car.
3.  As you approach your car, take a quick look under your car.
4.  Don't park behind a large van.  Find another spot.
5.  If you return to your car and there is a van parked next to your driver's side, go around and get in on the passenger side.  It's easy for someone to grab you from one of those sliding doors.
6.  If your instincts are telling you something is wrong, listen to them.  Go back inside, and ask for an escort.
7.  Never, never go with someone to a secondary location.  This will never end well.
8.  If someone forces you into your car and tells you to drive, run your car hard into a building or something solid.  Your airbag will save you, and you will attract attention and help!
9.  Do not act distracted in a parking lot.  No cell phones, no earbuds, and make sure you have your keys out and ready, and your bags organized before you leave the mall/store/work.
10.  Planning ahead will stack the deck in your favor, so plan ahead!

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