Monday, January 20, 2014

Exercise of the Week...Meditate!

Why?  Meditation is no longer just for hippies or fringe yogis.  It's for you and me, and it helps to relieve our STRESS...see article above.  One of the changes you can make is to add this to your daily regimen.  But it doesn't need to take a ton of time.  Do you have one minute?  Then you can do this.
Here's an easy form of meditation, taught to me by my martial arts Sensei.

Sit comfortably, anywhere, but preferably in a quiet place if you can.  Time 60 seconds.  A watch, a stopwatch, or an app that will time you from your phone will all work.  Breathe.  Count each inhale and exhale--inhale is one, exhale is two, inhale is three, and so on.  See how many breaths you take total in 60 seconds.  Try for full and deep breaths that expand your rib cage.

Good.  Now you are ready for a 1 minute meditation anywhere, anytime.  Let's say you got 12 breaths.  Anytime you are in need of calming, you close your eyes, you count your breaths to 12.  Voila.  1 minute of meditation.  You have successfully taken your mind from whatever was stressing you, to your breath, and taking full deep breaths for 1 minute.  Try this once a day.

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