Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bored or lacking in motivation?

Join the club!  This time of year, many factors tie in to your feeling unmotivated.  We all start the new year with resolutions and goals for how we're going to lose weight, get healthier, eat better, and so on.  But now, 3 months into the year, it's hard to keep that initial energy going forward. 

Here in Wisconsin, spring can be a great time of renewal, but the weather isn't cooperating just yet.  The days are longer, but the sun isn't necessarily shining, and mid 30's to 40's isn't as inspiring as 70 and sunny, right?  And so we tend to get impatient, with ourselves, the weather, and our exercise program.

How to fix this perennial problem?  First, change up your program.  This could be done in many ways--try new exercises, a new approach, or even a new exercise class.  If you work out only on the week days, try changing up to outdoor activities on the weekends.  Get outside for a walk, or a bike ride.  The fresh air and vitamin D from the sun will help with your attitude, as well.  If you've been working exclusively on strength, try yoga or a fusion of yoga and pilates for added flavor.  Have a trainer write up and teach you a new program for you to follow for then next 6-8 weeks to refresh your committment to yourself.

And remember, that's exactly what exercise is:  a committment to yourself, your health, and your quality of life.

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