Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keep It Interesting!

How to keep it Interesting:
I know going to the gym day after day can be rather boring, even if you are distracting yourself with your IPod, or the latest movie you've downloaded, or even a book, if you can read and exercise.  I've even seen a woman working on machines and reading, but she's working at the pace of a snail, so I'm not sure how many calories she's burning!

So, I've come up with some suggestions of how you can still reach your goals, and stay interested and focused.

1.  You like running:  Try a running training group!  You can join one, or create your own for fun.  And you CAN run in the winter with proper gear.

2.  Get a workout buddy.  Maybe someone in a class you go to is also spinning their wheels.  Get together and get a trainer-created program, and then work out together.

3.  You like team sports:  Join an indoor winter league for soccer, basketball or other teams sports.  Many community centers offer them.

4.  You like dancing:  Go to a Zumba class!!  Shake it up with a fun, dance inspired workout for you cardio.

5.  Ask your trainer for a new program.  If you're bored, so is your body--mix it up!

6.  Try something new and different.  Go to a strength class if you haven't, or try a new class or new instructor.

Keep up the good work!

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